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There is no need to cite statistics and data that indicates the importance of the presence of the brand and advertising on the mobile device. You are in the marketing world and you are aware of the numbers. Mobile advertising will only continue to bring down its own records.

It only remains to ask you the following question: Did you find a reliable partner for the implementation of mobile campaigns? If you are looking for and someone to adjust your existing campaign or design a completely new mobile campaign for you, please contact us.

The experience gained from the successful realization of a number of mobile advertising campaigns in partnership with over 50 agencies is reason enough to give us a chance. We will not let you down.

Why choose ClickAttack?

  • increased audience reach
  • local support in 7 countries of the region
  • delivery of the complete solution
  • time-saving and resources-sparing
  • adaptation to yours and your customers’ needs
  • unique creative design

ic_narrowly@2xWe specialize. The market of mobile advertising in the region is still unprepared for all the challenges it’s facing, and only a small number of agencies are dedicated only to that. In ClickAttack, our primary preoccupation is mobile everything.

ic_full_support@2xFull support. Are you lacking the ideas to show your client? We’ve got plenty. Your lack of experience in mobile advertising is a challenge for us to provide you with support and knowledge for the successful implementation of your mobile campaign.

ic_precise_targeting@2xAdvanced targeting. The combination of tools, data and our marketing magic will help you reach those users precisely that your client wants. Targeti them by gender, time or place, their interests, geographic location or their smartphone’s brand and operating system of their smartphones.

ic_creative@2xCreativity and innovation. We follow the pulse of global trends in advertising and mobile ad formats and implement them to encourage user interaction with your campaign.  Animate your users with banner options like scratch, shake, and swipe and many other!

ic_optimization@2xOptimization. Our team will optimize your campaign for all selected channels for maximum efficiency of invested resources and to achieve the desired results on all of them.

Let’s co-operate!

Because working with a great partner means money, time and nerves saved for the agency.

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