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You’ve created a revolutionary product. You know exactly to whom you want to offer it and you finally decide to advertise on mobile. Do you notice the missing link? The only thing standing between you and the results you want to achieve is attractive design. Let ClickAttack’s creative team take care of that one for you.

We will think of creative design that speaks the language of your target audience and captures their attention. Speaking of attention, did you know that our advertising copy marks a 25.19% conversion rate and a 60.95% interaction rate?

From the start of the creative process to results, we have got you covered. Read through the list and see for yourself why any brand that means serious advertising business needs creative services:

ic_idea@2xIdea. Our team consists of creative people who like new and unusual challenges, and inspiration never lacks. Contact us and let’s start creating unforgettable campaigns.

ic_concept@2xConcept. You have a rough idea about what you want to achieve, but you do not know where to start? Every great campaign begins with a quality concept.

ic_mobile_banners@2xMobile banners. We do not offer you desktop banners customized for mobile phone, but dedicated mobile banners that put mobile functionalities to use.

ic_interactive_banners@2xInteractive banners. Touch, Scratch, Shake – take advantage of the special effects that HTML5 interactive and rich-media banners offers, and other functionality that only mobile allows.

ic_where_to_go@2xPost-clickpath? We don’t leave after the user clicks and goes to the landing page. Do not let unoptimized campaigns drag potential buyers away.

ic_atractive@2xAppealing design. Designers who are part of our creative team will design visuals that will engage users and provoke positive reaction.

ic_technology@2xModern technology. Our designs are more than pretty pictures. Using advanced technology, we can visually customize the campaign to the activities and reactions of the target audience and deliver it for best performance.

Our creative process


From the creative idea to the finished concept, through design preparation and finally to the creative development and product delivery. Our imaginative team will prepare a creative that will spark your target audience’s interest!

Let’s co-operate!

Whether you need a mobile advertising campaign or a mobile application, tell us your business case, your hopes and aspirations, and let us help you achieve them.

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