Determination to compete and win is one of humans’ basic drives. Contests are your opportunity to collect valuable data while you’re giving your customers the chance to experience their 15 minutes of fame! For a chance to win a valuable prize, anyone will answer a few questions, share personal information or even pay a small contest admission price.

To participate in a contest, users have to invest a little effort. Solve a task, upload a photo/video or answer a question correctly and then text the correct answer to a designated short number. With contests, you can easily spread the word about your business and grow your audience.

Throwing a contest is an excellent way to show your users appreciation for choosing you, a valuable way to award their loyalty and a smart way to give them motivation to continue your successful business agreement.

What can ClickAttack offer you?

ic_long_range@2xAudience growth. Offer an attractive prize and watch them apply. And then watch them apply some more! Prize giveaways have a very high audience response rate and will surely grow your customer base.

ic_long_range@2xEngage existing customers. Any business has an inactive portion of their fan base. These are shoppers who buy at your store occasionally or they used to shop there regularly, but haven’t visited your store in a while. Contest might be the incentive they need to come back.

ic_long_range@2xBoost your sales. It’s a fact: promotions, contests and giveaways motivate purchase. For a chance to win, everyone will risk it. Of course, not all of your participants will win the prize, but giving them opportunity to get a valuable prize will increase the probability of buying your product.

ic_long_range@2xGain profits. Usually, running a contest is free for end-users. But it doesn’t always have to be that way! You can offer a valuable prize, charge a small contest admission fee and run the whole campaign for free, and in some cases even realize surplus.

ic_long_range@2xVarious channels. We can deliver your contest on various channels like SMS, Voice and Social Media. Our experienced team will be excited to provide you with complete solution and to take care of your successful contest campaigns.

ic_long_range@2xPromotion brings profit. Usually, running a prize game is free for end-users. But it doesn’t always have to be that way! With a small game participation fee, you can run a campaign for free, and in some cases even realize surplus.

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Contest as a marketing strategy is a game changer. Fill your databases with missing data and at the same time provide value for your customers!

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